Soundcloud samples of my composed music.

Composed or Arranged music for film & TV by manipulating midi based & live instruments to create mock ups. Tracked live instruments & vocal sessions using a SSL console, vintage mics, software plugins & Logic Pro X.
- Nominated for Best Original Song at the 87th Academy Awards for “Everything is Awesome” - The Lego Movie

This is a compilation of my released works.

Here are SoundCloud samples of my music for film and TV.

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Sound Design

This is a video from League of Legends showcasing my music and sound design skills. The music was made using Kontakt libraries, Matrixbrute synth and other native plugins. The sound design was done with a combination of field recording, native and hardware synths. Tracks were mixed and mastered by me as well. All the audio was completely replaced by me with no guide from the original done by Riot Games. All animation credit to Riot Games.



I love mixing my passion of music with art and design.
Here are some examples of art installations, photos and design work.

A performance of the six sided keyboard. My job was to make this idea that Mark Mothersbaugh came up with to life. An art piece of the six sided keyboard performance. These machines are called Orchestrions. Thought up by Mark Mothersbaugh and constructed by Ken Caulkins. I was in charge of assembly, disassembly and functionality using midi and Logic Pro X as a controller. An Art photo for a Honda Rebel
A photo of my solo music project named LA Plaza. This is Mundito. LA Plaza Cover Art Another photo of Mundito with LA Plaza logo
A photo taken for Mark Mothersbaugh line of frames called Mothersbaugh. These frames are the 'Akronite' Another orchestrion designed by Mark Mothersbaugh and contructed by Ken Caulkins. Another orchestrion designed by Mark Mothersbaugh and contructed by Ken Caulkins.