Music and technology, my first loves.

I am a full stack developer. Thinking “out of the box” and resourcefulness to provide software-based solutions. Adept in Python, Javascript, Django, React, NoSQL and SQL database analysis and design. I am well adept at using design tools such as Photoshop. I come from an art background which makes styling a breeze.

I have over eight years of experience engineering, editing, designing and composing music for the film and tv industry. I am adept in both hardware and software audio, such as Protools, Logic Pro X, SSL and API consoles. I have used this skill to work on many highly regarded and Academy nominated films such as the Lego Movie and Thor Ragnarok.

I love to implement both mediums in any place I can which is why I have also done sound design for video games using Wwise. This allows me to record the process and add those sounds to the games I love.

Raymond Plaza

Photo of Me

Welcome to my website. I am originally from Yuma Arizona. Raised in a small border town called Gadsden. I am a first generation Latino American and I hold my culture very close to my heart. I moved to Snowflake Arizona during middle school and experienced a huge culture shock. I graduated high school from there and moved to Phoenix Arizona soon after to persue my music career. I ended up working fraud prevention with multiple financial institutions such as Chase and Bank of America. I also went to school at the Art Institute of Phoenix for Web Design. After some time I decided to pack my bags and move to Seattle where I thought I would persue a degree in audio but before I knew it the resession hit and I was forced to move back home to Yuma. There I dusted myself off and picked myself back up. After a few years I moved back to Phoenix and completed my audio certificate with The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. That took me to an internship with Mutato Muzika in Los Angeles where I later found myself getting hired by the institution and created music for many great films. I spent the past 7 years working there and decided that my calling was in technology. I joined General Assembly and completed thier "Software Engineering Immersive" program that gave me the skills to persue the next phase of my career. I have built many great apps using multiple programming languages such as Python and Javascript, as well as React and Django. I hope to find myself building many projects that marry my love of music and technology.


Software Engineering | Web Design | Python | React.js | Javascript | Django | Node.JS | HTML | CSS | Mongoose | MongoDB | Express | Wwise | AJAX | AWS | Bootstrap | Materialize | Swift



Here are some of my latest projects.
Click on the images to make them bigger and find links to their respective github.

<h2>Cue the Music App</h2> - This app was developed to be a cue sheet creator for music editors. 
                    It has the ability to input information of the cue, composer, timecodes, total time and notes. 
                    Its in its beginning stages and will have more functionality soon. Please visit my Github for more information on the app.<br>
                    <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/rayplaza/Cue-the-Music">Github Link</a>
<h2>Paco App</h2> - P.A.C.O. is an acronym for plugin audio collection organizer. PACO is an idea spawned from years of 
                    audio work in the film post production and music industry. After years of working with hundreds of plugins and trying to keep 
                    track of all of them we decided to try and make a difference in how we organize and share those plugins.<br>
                    <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/rayplaza/PACO/tree/master/paco">Github Link</a>
<h2>Junkie App</h2> - A place where collectors can go to to input their collection, organize, share, buy and sell thier 
                    items with other likeminded collectors. Today we are starting with Vinyl Record junkies, tomorrow it will be comics and in the 
                    future you will have every collection. You can input the album information into your collection, including grade and description. 
                    Organize your collection and search your collection. Other users can comment on your collection. Once you find a better vinyl then 
                    the one you have you can put that one up for sale on our Junkie Market. <br> <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/adibfazli/junkie">Github Link</a>
<h2>Black-Jack-Black</h2> - This is a typical BlackJack game in the theme of Jack Black. More specifically from the movie "Nacho Libre". 
                    Its you, "Ignacio", versus the great "Ramses". He is the best! <br> <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/rayplaza/BlackJack">Github Link</a>
<h2>Guitar Collector App</h2> - This app allows you to keep track of your guitar collection. You can save the 
                    information of your guitar, the pedals that go with your guitar setup and the services that you have done to your guitar. <br>
                    <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/rayplaza/Guitar-Collector">Github Link</a>
<h2>Retro-Tac-Toe</h2> - A retro looking tic tac toe game using Javascript game logic. <br>
                    <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/rayplaza/retrotactoe">Github Link</a>
<h2>React Mastermind App</h2> - A React.js game based off the 1973 board game Mastermind. You are able to log high scores and choose your difficulty. 
                    The object of the game is to guess the color and pattern combination in enough tries and as quickly as possible.
                    This app used the full MERN stack of Mongoose, Express, React and Node as well as Javascript and game logic.<br>
                    <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/rayplaza/mastermind">Github Link</a>
<h2>Chuck Norris Jokes App</h2> - This app was created for the one and only Chuck Norris and his infinite awesomeness. 
                    This app demonstrates using an API to create a simple fun joke app. Choose your category and let the laughs begin.<br>
                    <a target="_blank" href="https://jokechucknorrisapp.herokuapp.com">Github Link</a>


If you are interested in the music I produce please vist my audio portfolio.



I'd love to hear from you!

Los Angeles CA, US
Phone: 424-672-5100
Email: ray@pacoplaza.com